Claims: Auto Glass and Towing
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Get Your Auto Glass Replaced fast with QBE Farmers Union Insurance Glass Claims Service. Cover your vehicle in a breakdown with Our Road Side Service Plan

Auto Glass Claims

If you have an auto glass claim, QBE Farmers Union Insurance has a network of premier glass shops just a phone call away. The QBE Farmers Union Insurance Glass Center is designed to connect you to a customer service representative and a conveniently located glass shop to schedule an appointment within minutes after you call.

Here's How the Service Works

Call our 1-800-279-7219 Glass Claims reporting number 24 hours a day.
  • A customer service representative takes all the necessary information to set up your claim and, at your request, connects you directly with one of our network glass shops.
  • The glass shop schedules fast, convenient repair/replacement either at their location or at your home or office for added flexibility.
  • You get quality service from auto glass professionals - plus a national warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • The repair/replacement bill is sent directly to QBE Farmers Union Insurance.
Yes, it's that simple - one call and we take care of the rest.

Towing Claims

If your vehicle needs towing or you need emergency road side service, the Towing coverage that can be added to your QBE Farmers Union Insurance automobile policy can assist you with those expenses.

If you recently incurred costs that are considered to be included within the "towing" coverage of your QBE Farmers Union Insurance automobile policy, please forward your towing receipt to your agent, or if you have already reported a towing claim, forward your receipt to your assigned claims representative.

A premium is required to be paid for the automobile towing coverage to apply.

Our basic towing coverage includes:

Reasonable expenses incurred up to $300.00 each time your insured car is disabled for:

  • Towing to the nearest place where the necessary repairs can be made during regular business hours if it will not run
  • Towing it out if it is stuck on or next to a public street or highway
  • Mechanical labor up to two hours at the place of its breakdown
  • Change of tire
  • Delivery of gasoline, oil or loaned battery, but not the cost of these items
  • Locksmith services, up to one hour, to open your car if your key is lost, stolen or locked inside your car. We will pay only the cost of labor.
QBE Farmers Union Insurance does offer an enhanced towing endorsement. If you wish to learn more about optional towing coverages, please contact your agent.

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